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Our regional health career camps are designed for high school students, currently in grades 10, 11, and 12, residing in Wisconsin, and who are interested in pursuing a healthcare career. 

Summer 2021 camp will be held virtually in support of the hard work of our partners and the health and well being of campers and all those who contribute to a successful camp.

Virtual camp offers students a realistic and up-close look into a variety of health careers, including the high demand for healthcare professionals in rural and underserved areas. Partnering with healthcare organizations and post-secondary educational institutions across our service region we provide interactive experiences.  Participants will gain perspective on the educational path to various healthcare careers, insights into the role of various professions, and how to prepare for their future in healthcare.


June 21-24, 2021

June 21 6-7:30pm

June 22-24, 9am-12pm


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  • Virtual Healthcare Careers Camp Information
    If you're considering a career in healthcare, but just not sure which direction you'd like to take, where you want to work, or which populations you'd like to work with, then virtual healthcare careers camp is for you. Virtual healthcare careers camp will include hands on activities in the comfort of your own space, speakers from regional healthcare professions education programs, students pursuing various healthcare professional degrees, practicing professionals, and virtual tours. A tentative schedule will be shared soon.
  • Application
    The application for this year's camp is now closed.
  • Reference
    Student applicants are required to provide one reference along with their application. References should come from a teacher or counselor. References can submit their responses directly by May 3, 2021 here.


If you are having issues completing an application, please try clearing your browser history. If you continue to have issues, please let us know

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