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CHIP Intern Spotlight: Lauren Lansing

What other AHEC programs have you participated in? Hands on Health

What’s your hometown? La Crosse, WI

What school are you attending? UW-Madison

What is your intended profession/what’s your major? Biology & Global health

Why do you want to be a health professional? Why is it important to you? I want to be a health professional so that I may improve life for people in my community and to have the chance to make a difference greater than myself.

Where is your Community Health Internship Program (CHIP) host site? Bridges Health What are you doing there? As a CHIP intern for Bridges Health, I am working on a variety of projects. I am leading and managing an outreach health promotion program to low-income families in Rochester, MN. I conduct literature searches to support grant writing and program development. I am involved in the rebranding and improvement of Bridges Health's website and social media campaigns.

Why did you want to participate in CHIP? I wanted to participate in CHIP because I wanted to make a difference in my community. I am passionate about community health and improving health outcomes. The chance to practice this in my own community was so exciting!

What's something you hope to learn/have learned that will impact your future work? I have had the chance to practice writing to a different audience than normal. It's been fun writing papers and announcements while considering health literacy as well as cultural differences.

What are you most looking forward to/what has been your favorite part so far? I am looking forward to the publication of three magazines I wrote and edited that will be distributed to over 100 people over the summer months.

What advice would you give to younger students who are interested in working in public health? Read. So much of public health is found in the news and in publications. There are so many opportunities to learn. Also, professionals love to talk about their work, so don't be afraid to reach out. Everyone I've met has been super supportive and passionate about their projects.

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