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CHIP Intern Spotlight

The Community Health Internship Program (CHIP) places students in a paid eight week internship with a community based organizations to address community and public health challenges. The program is highly competitive and provides interns with high impact experiences.

Name: Eve Klawitter

What other AHEC programs have you participated in? AHEC Scholars, Wisconsin Express

What’s your hometown? Whitewater, WI

What school are you attending? UW-La Crosse

What is your intended profession/what’s your major? Working in public policy/ Public Health and Community Health Education

Why do you want to be a health professional? Why is it important to you? My passion to become a health professional stems from my childhood. As someone who grew up in poverty and around substance abuse I saw how that adversely impacted my health. Examining this through the lens of a white female in America I understand my privilege and cannot imagine how my childhood experiences would have been different as a person of color. It is important for me to become a leader in public policy because I believe this is where many of the public health concerns we see today can be diminished.

Where is your Community Health Internship Program (CHIP) host site? Inclusa What are you doing there? Tribal Outreach

Why did you want to participate in CHIP? I wanted to participate in CHIP to learn more about diverse communities within WI. and get real experience in my career field

What's something you hope to learn/have learned that will impact your future work? How we can reduce redundancy in public health work

What are you most looking forward to/what has been your favorite part so far? Accepting an outside contract to continue my internship past July! Very grateful

What advice would you give to younger students who are interested in working in public health? I cannot say enough about the opportunities that WI. AHEC has to offer, if you are even slightly interested in public health I recommended WI. Express.

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