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AHEC Scholars Spotlight: Kali Priest

Originally from Eau Claire, Kali is currently in La Crosse attending the University of WI-La Crosse Physical Therapy Program. She says she joined AHEC scholars because she had previous work experience in a rural hospital, and enjoyed the population of people she engaged with. She hopes to gain a better understanding of the challenges patients face and what she can do to better serve them.

She enjoys healthcare due to its constant challenges, no two days being the same, and the opportunity to learn something new everyday. The AHEC Scholars program is giving her the opportunity to see what struggles occur in rural communities in regards to health care and how to make an impact.

The AHEC Scholars program is helping Kali gain interprofessional perspective, the chance to interact with other healthcare disciplines and see the big picture. Her advice to younger students considering healthcare as their profession is , "Don't be afraid to ask questions and become familiar with the highs and lows working in health care."

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