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AHEC Scholars Spotlight: Maggie Williams

Maggie's advice to younger students navigating their future in a healthcare career? " YOU CAN do it! While it might feel daunting, in the end all of the hard work will be worth it and if it's something you truly want, don't give up until you reach your goals."

Taking her own words to heart, Maggie is currently a Physician Assistant student at UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. Originally from Potosi, WI, Maggie connects with the AHEC Scholars program because of the mission alignment with her own personal mission in healthcare. She has personally seen the need for more education and outreach, and values the relationships AHEC has is small communities focused on exposure, education, and training for future health profession students.

Maggie is in her first year with the AHEC Scholars program and she is already seeing the impact. Broadening her knowledge in social determinants of health and behavioral health integration she believes will allow her to deliver culturally appropriate, high quality, team-based care. She's focused on learning more about addition medicine, particularly with the current issues around opioids.

We're delighted to have Maggie as a part of the Scenic Rivers AHEC Scholars regional cohort. She would tell others to "take advantage of Scholars as an opportunity to increase your skill set as well as your knowledge in a a number of important health care subjects."

Wisconsin AHEC Scholars is a two-year program designed to enhance and broaden a student’s healthcare training. Each year as an AHEC Scholar, students participate in a combination of didactic and community-based experiential training in a Wisconsin rural community and/or with undeserved populations.

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