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Nicole Thill Departs Scenic Rivers AHEC

After nearly five years, Nicole Thill is moving on from her position with Scenic Rivers AHEC to North Central AHEC as the Executive Director. Nicole’s work as Education and Outreach Coordinator helped shape the programs and opportunities offered to high school and undergraduate and graduate level students across the Scenic Rivers AHEC region and the state of Wisconsin. Development of the AHEConnect program, creation of healthcare careers curriculum, relationship building at regional high schools, delivery of Wisconsin Express, and coordination of job shadow resources were all areas Nicole supported. Most recently, Nicole served as the HPV Regional Educator making connections across Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to meet the goals of the National HPV Education Project.

Nicole shared, "I loved the time I spent working for Scenic Rivers AHEC. I met so many amazing students and professionals along the way, and I am forever thankful for the opportunity to get to know each of them. It was exciting to be a part of strong partnership building with schools, healthcare facilities, and community organizations, in order to provide programming that supports Scenic Rivers AHEC's mission. I want to thank my Scenic Rivers AHEC colleagues, Laura, Bob, and Samantha, I couldn't have asked for a better team to work with. I look forward to collaborating with them on statewide AHEC programs in the future."

Laura Pettersen, Executive Director, stated, “Nicole has been an important member of the Scenic Rivers AHEC team. Nicole began the AHEConnect mentor program which engaged over 150 high school and college students and professionals over three years. For the last eight months, Nicole has spearheaded the HPV Education Project across Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin ensuring over 300 professionals per state participated in educational sessions focused on the HPV immunization. She’s been integral to the success of Scenic Rivers programs. We’ll miss Nicole as a part of our team and wish her every success in her new endeavors.”

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