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Student Spotlight: Baylee Clement

For this month's student spotlight, we are featuring a student who recently participated in Wisconsin Express in Boscobel. Learn more about Baylee's involvement with Scenic Rivers AHEC and her plans for the future.

Where are you originally from?

Waukesha, WI

Where did you attend/or currently are attending school?

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

What are your future career/school goals?

I am planning to be a Physican’s Assistant.

What was your first experience with AHEC and what did you learn from it?

I participated in the Wisconsin Express program and was placed in Boscobel. It opened my eyes to all the opportunities in rural healthcare, the numerous programs available involving health, and learned a lot about healthcare for the incarcerated. It was great to be able to shadow in so many different locations and to be able to learn from so many healthcare professionals.

Do you have plans to take advantage of AHEC programs in the future?

I would love to be involved in Wisconsin Express again in another location!

What advice would you give to younger students starting to navigate their future in a health care career?

My best advice would be to get out and explore. Research all the possibilities and then find people to shadow. That way you can learn from people in that career first hand and really figure out if it is something you would want to do. Also be open minded because you might find interest in something that you never thought you would.

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