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Board Member Spotlight: Katie Garrity

As the president of the Scenic Rivers AHEC board of directors, Katie Garrity has been involved with Wisconsin AHEC for a number of years. Having served as a board member for about ten years, Katie first joined AHEC as a board member of South Central AHEC. Katie is also the Chief Academic Officer/Executive Dean at Southwest Tech.

Where are you from/where do you live/work?

I'm from Prairie du Chien and still I live there, but I work at Southwest Tech in Fennimore, Wisconsin.

Where did you attend school?

  • Viterbo University: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • Viterbo University: Master of Science in Nursing(Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist)

  • Northcentral University: EdD Organizational Leadership ABD

How long have you been a board member?

Approximately 10 years (I was with South Central first)

Describe how and why you got involved with Scenic Rivers AHEC.

I am committed to having students exposed and access to health occupations. I also wanted to provide a voice and representation for rural southwest Wisconsin.

Have you held any other board member positions with Scenic Rivers AHEC?

I represented Scenic Rivers AHEC on state board for several years

Provide a short description of your job responsibilities.

Provide oversight and activities of SRAHEC as related to its mission. Lead scheduled meetings, conduct Executive Director review, et al.

Describe any programming/activities you have been involved in with Scenic Rivers AHEC.

I have been involved with summer camps in the southwestern region, traveled to South Dakota reservation with a group of students, continue to promote AHEC in the southwestern region, and work as the liaison for Amish emersion student experience.

Share why you are involved with Scenic Rivers AHEC; what you value about the mission and work of the organization.

I am involved in Scenic Rivers AHEC because I am passionate about education, training, and providing opportunities for the next generation of healthcare providers, particularly in rural areas. The activities AHEC provides students, both in exposure and experience, sets them up for greater opportunities, than those who would otherwise have to seek opportunities on their own. Scenic Rivers AHEC impacts rural Wisconsin in such a positive way, and I am humbled to be a small part of that.

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