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HPV Project Update: Year Three

The HPV Immunization Education Project is a five year collaborative project between the National AHEC office and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. The project is aimed at improving the national HPV immunization rates of through improved clinician training and understanding of the vaccine.

Throughout the tri-state region of Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, we work to connect with providers, healthcare professionals, and health facilities that deal directly with HPV vaccinations through live presentations, webinars, and conferences.

Nearing the end of its third year, we have given presentations to 211 providers in Iowa, 372 providers in Minnesota, and 201 providers in Wisconsin.

Partnerships are key to delivery of information. Throughout this year, we have been able to work with the American Cancer Society in Minnesota, the Iowa Immunization Coalition, and the Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Control Program. Through these partnerships we have allowed the project to reach a large number of providers throughout the tri-state area, and work to improve the number of HPV vaccination rates.

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