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Rural Health Tour: Viterbo Nursing Students

Today's Rural Health Tour, consisted of 43 Viterbo senior nursing students exploring rural and public health first hand, as part of their public health nursing course.

Students visited CouleeCap, where they learned about the struggles families in poverty face, as well as available resources in the region. Next stop was to the Vernon County Health Department to explore Vernon County and the daily work of a public health nurse. From there, the group visited Vernon Memorial Hospital to hear from staff about working in a critical access hospital in a rural community.

The Bland Bekkedahl Center for Hospice Care welcomed the students and were able to listen to a Viterbo alum talk about the state of the art facility in Viroqua. Finally, students visited Scenic Bluffs Community Health Center, a federally qualified health center offering a myriad of services to the region's residents.

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