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Student Spotlight: Tikiri Bandara

Where are you originally from?

Sri Lanka (a country south of India)

Where did you attend/or currently are attending school? (high school, university, etc)

Platteville High School

What are you future career/school goals?

My goal is to become a medical surgeon

What was your first AHEC experience?

The AHEC Health Careers Camp in Southwest Wisconsin (Platteville)

Did you continue to participate in any AHEC programs such as counseling, AHEC alumni or AHEConnect?

Yes, with AHEConnect to get job shadows at nearby hospitals.

Do you plan to take advantage of AHEC program in the future?

Yes, I'd like to make use of many programs that AHEC has to offer.

What advice would you give to younger students starting to navigate their future in a health care career?

It's great that you have decided on a career in medicine or health. However, to get to that point is a long, strenuous way and you have to be mentally and physically fit for that. Also, to be successful in the health care field, you truly have to love helping others.

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