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Student Spotlight: Olivia Kudick

Where did you attend/or currently are attending school? (high school, university, etc)

Mauston High School

What are your future aspirations/goals?​

I plan on attending a four year college to pursue a biology major and possibly a Spanish minor. I would like to attend medical school to attain my dream of becoming a doctor.

What was your first experience with AHEC?

My first experience with AHEC was attending the Health Careers Camp at the University of Wisconsin Platteville in July of 2015. It really opened my eyes to all of the possibilities that the medical field has to offer and how many options I have as I begin to pursue a career in the medical field.

Have you participated in any other AHEC programs besides camp?​

I have not yet participated in any other AHEC programs, but I am very interested in AHEConnect. It seems like a great opportunity to learn more about the health care field and all that it offers.

What advice would you give to younger students starting to navigate their future in a health care career?

I would tell younger students to apply for the Health Careers Camp, even if they are not completely interested. It's a great opportunity to see all different kinds of health care careers and can easily help them in the long run, I know it helped me. Also, to ask their counselors and teachers about programs in their field of interest. They also should know that it takes hard work sometimes, but it is worth it, just be determined and never give up!

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