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Student Spotlight: Kallen Anderson

Where are you originally from?

Harcourt, Iowa

Where did you attend/or currently are attending school? (high school, university, etc)

High School: Southeast Webster-Grand

Undergradate: Iowa State University. Majors: Dietetics, Family & Consumer Sciences

Graduate: University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. MPH degree in CHE

What do you hope to do in the future?

After obtaining my MPH degree in Community Health Education, I will be applying to complete the accredited internship to become a registered dietitian. My "dream job" would be to work as a public health dietitian - working with community agencies and giving food and nutrition related workshops, programs, and presentations to the community.

What was your first experience with AHEC and what did you learn from it?

I first heard of AHEC when a friend in my MPH program asked if I wanted to be a mentor to a high schooler who is interested in nutrition and dietetics. AHEConnect is a mentor program where high school students are matched with collegians and professionals in a specific health related field that the student is interested in. Since then, I have been blown away at the mission of AHEC and all it does to promote and connect the health field to students and communities.

Did you continue to participate in any AHEC programs such as camp counselor, AHEC alumni or AHEConnect?

Yes, I have participated in an AHEC alumni event, as well as assisted AHEC present at the Wisconsin Health Occupations Student Association (HOSA) Conference held in the Wisconsin Dells. While presenting at the HOSA Conference, I began to fully realize what all AHEC continues to offer for for individuals of all ages who are interested in health professions and health in general.

Do you have plans to take advantage of AHEC programs in the future?

I hope to stay connected with AHEC through AHEC alumni events, volunteering with AHEC with other events they may have to promote public health, and possibly continue with AHEC Connect.

What advice would you give to younger students starting to navigate their future in a health care career?

Think about your passions and skills, and try to see where those parts of you fit in with a health-field career. There is such a wide variety of opportunities in the health care field - there truly is something for everyone!

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